Special 14th Oct – 17th Oct 2020

Salami, Japalenos, Capsicum and Feta!

Buonasera pizza lovers! We’re back for another week of woodfired Pizza and this time with some super limited outdoor seating! 

This week’s special is a Napoli base with Salami, Japalenos, Capsicum and Feta!

Vegetarians can swap the salami out for mushrooms for a deliciously spicy vege pizza. 🔥🍕🔥🍕🔥 If you like things really spicy then we can add chilli on request!🌶️🔥🌶️🔥🌶️

Super limited Outdoor seating for Dine in will be available this week. Spacing outside is limited to 2 tables for 2 guests each only. Bookings are highly recommended and Check in and ID verification are mandatory.

All going well we look forward to opening the indoor dining soon 🤞🤞

We will be open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm. Pickup orders or Booking enquiries can be made by calling 0497 220 199.

Thanks for your support and look forward to seeing you all soon!  ️ ️

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