Special 18-21 September

Buonasera pizza lovers! For this week’s special, things are getting a little spicy!  Napoli sauce, provolone, salami, japalenos, roasted capsicum and feta! Vegetarians can swap the salami out for mushrooms and this is still a deliciously spicy pizza. 🔥🍕The really brave can add chilli on request!🌶️🌶️

For those seeking something sweet we’ve got our homemade tiramisu, dessert pizzas, tartufo, baci, and gelato. 😋😋

We’ll be open Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm and look forward to seeing you soon! 😊



Special 11-14 September

Special 11-14 September

Hi Castlemaine!
With the perfect pizza weather why not check out this weeks special Chicken & Brie!
A garlic base topped with chicken, Brie and a layer of Provolone then topped with rocket it will leave your mouth watering.
For a vegetarian alternative just swap out the chicken for mushroom and your good to go!
For the sweet tooth’s finish it off with a dessert pizzas, baci, tartufi or maybe just a little gelato!
Bookings and/or telephone orders can be made by calling 0497 220 199 and we’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm.
We look forward to see you all 🙂
Cheers, Chris


Buongiorno pizza lovers… just confirming Castlemaine’s worst kept secret, yes, Bella will have a new owner from this coming week. Tomorrow we pass the baton to Chris, a Bendigo local who will be taking over from us. The menu, staff and trading hours will remain the same for the foreseeable future, so the delicious woodfired pizza that you’ve come to know and love will be still be available!
If you’re someone who calls or emails or facebooks with your ‘usual’ please know that you’ll have to explain this to Chris – he’ll get the hang of it before long!
Big thanks to everyone who has supported our small business over the eight years that we’ve been trading – we’ve met so many lovely people and shared many terrific times together – wonderful memories that will stay with us for a long time.
Chris has the fresh set of eyes, energy and enthusiasm that will breathe new life into Bella. We hope that you’re all able to show him the same support that you have us over the years.
Again, thank you and all the best!
Arrivederci 👋

Special 1-4 August

Buonsera pizza lovers…this week’s special is one of our most requested winter faves…the potato pizza. On a napoli base with provolone, red onion, wood roasted chats and rosemary! So simple, so delicious!

We’ve got a fresh batch of our delicious homemade tiramisu or if you’re looking for something a little more indulgent then perhaps a nutella dessert pizza with fresh strawberries or banana might be more your thing?

Bookings and/or telephone orders can be made by calling 0497 20 199.

We’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we hope that we’ll see you!

Napoli base, red onion, wood-roasted chats and rosemary…mmm delicious!

New Phone Number 0497 220 199

2.50pm Thursday 
It’s a new month, a new season and so to celebrate Bella Fresca Pizzeria now has a new phone number 0497 220 199.

Please update your contact information and if you have any family or friends who will benefit from this information, please spread the word! We are grateful.

We continue to work with Telstra to identify the issue and the cause. We’ll keep you posted!

1am Thursday
Apologies to everyone trying to call Bella Fresca Pizzeria at the moment. The fools at Telstra have disconnected our telephone for no explicable reason. We are currently lodging complaints online and hope to have a resolution soon.

In the meantime we have no phone!

Please send any reservation requests through to info@bellafresca.com.au and place any takeaway orders in store.

We know it’s a pain in the neck and apologise profusely for any inconvenience this issue is causing!

Special 23-26 August

Buonasera pizza lovers! This week’s special is the delicious combination of napoli, provolone, roasted capsicum, green olives and feta with salami! It’s packed full of flavour especially when you add some chilli for a hint of spice!

Homemade tiramisu is on the menu along with other desserts including tartufo, baci, gelato and our decadent dessert pizzas with nutella and fresh strawberries or banana!

Bookings and/or takeaway orders can be made by calling 5472 1898.

We’ll be open Wednesday to Friday from 5pm and Saturday from 3pm and we hope that we’ll see you!